While we fill our lives with stuff and the World with waste, I just wonder what are life essentials. What can we exclude from our consumption and live a lighter life. We cannot live without our technology and it has a purpose in our connected life, but what is really essential? How many computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs do we have with us? I believe we have to stop for a while when the next smart stuff comes out and see if we really need it… With this I remember a Simpson’s episode when the “new Stacy Malibu” doll appears with a new hat fighting against the “Lisa Braveheart” doll and I just wonder how many times we just buy something for just an appearance change.

Going into our everyday, I wonder what we can let go, maybe not forever but for a different time lapses. Food for example. How many times do we go over our food and find products that expired and we didn’t get to notice them, or other food (vegetables and fruits) that get ruined in front of our eyes and we ignore them while eating something else that could wait. Also, what about the food we put inside the fridge and gets forgotten in there until it gets notice for its smell of something green growing over it.

Another place I love to look for our essentials is the closet with our clothes. Even if we have the habit of going over it at least once a year (kind of in the Christmass Season) to send those extra clothes to the Salvation Army or other similar cause, we tend to notice on our day to day that there are some pieces of clothes that we tend to accumulate and could be some place else.

Last but not least are the deposits we have (atic or paid deposits) that we tend to lose concience of what is kept there. I won’t go over what we deposit there that could bennefit others or we could use before going to buy new stuff, but just to say that all the thing I mentioned before have what is called “embodied energy”. When we avoid keeping or buying them, we let the energy flow in different ways. When we keep them, we get the energy stored and more energy is required to produce new stuff. How about this as our contribution to stop climate change… lets take a while to decide what are our life essentials.



  1. Well said and something we should all take the time to reflect upon. What are our necessities? I agree, we are producing too much stuff that we don’t need, but marketing makes us feel we want. Peace, Harlon


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